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  • Business Marketing Summit (All Year Access) ($2495/year Value) The Business Marketing Summit is a virtual interactive training event where I directly work with small business owners and give them access to a system that I have been using for nearly a decade now, which is called the T.A.D. System. The T.A.D. System is where you drive Traffic into your business from Social Media, Advertising, Marketing, etc. And from the traffic, you Automatically capture their name, email and phone number. And what ultimately happens is that the amount of leads and potential customers you get become so overwhelming that you need to Delegate and hire a Virtual Assistant to manage all the new business that is coming in from using this system.

  • Business Online Marketing Academy ($3495 Value) It’s an online course where you get to learn how you can run a thriving and organized online business, learn about helpful software tools to use, how to delegate your business, making your business legit with LLC and many other things you need to know about building, running and having a wildly profitable business

  • Progression Conference Ticket ($1495/year Value) We host the Progression Conference once per year every year. With this membership, as a bonus, you will receive a VIP Ticket to the Progression Conference. You will Network with High Level Business Owners, Learn how to Catapult Your Income. You will receive Upfront Seating, so you can Experience Success Rapidly

  • Pay In Full Incentive: $400 Store Credit - If You choose to purchase the yearly membership, you will receive a one time $400 store credit to the Andy Audate Store, Which include courses, event tickets, apparel and so much more.

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